[News] [2015.07.18] Goo Hara “Of course I have burden doing solo.. I want to make expectation for next album”

Girl group KARA member, Goo hara expressed her burden in doing solo activity.

Goo Hara did her first stage for the title song ‘Choco Chip Cookie’ from her first mini album ‘ALOHARA’ on MBC Music Show Champion on the 15th. She expressed her inner thoughts “Of course I have great pressure on going on stage as a solo however I’m trying my best not to be bothered too much by that.”

The title song ‘Choco Chip Cookie (Feat. Giriboy)” is a R&B song with vintage composition and trendy beat. It depicts the image of a couple who make a soft choco chip cookie and share it together, it showcases Goo Hara’s sexy and pure voice with a great chemistry.

When asked her reason to choose ‘Choco Chip Cookie’ as her title song from her first solo ablum, Goo Hara explained “Actually, at first the title song was ‘Hara Goo’. However, there are parts from that song that similar with KARA image so I picked ‘Choco Chip Cookie’ to change that image.”

She asked what are the response to that and she answered with “There are some who like it and some who dislike it. There are fans who pity it and like it more if I release a dance song or a bright song. There are also some who saying ‘From the track list, ‘Hara Goo’ will be able to appeal more but why are you coming out with ‘Choco Chip Cookie’?. However I keep firmly pushing ‘Choco Chip Cookie’. If you keep listening to it, it’s a song that will get you hooked”.

Then, what kind of response that Goo Hara wants to gain from this album activity. She answered that rather than a ‘Big Success’, she wants to gain ‘Expectation’. Goo Hara expressed her desire by answering “Rather than wanting to get ‘She is a big success as a solo singer’ or ‘Goo Hara is a solo singer’ i want to give them expectation such as ‘Oh so you have this side of you’ or like ‘I’m looking forward to her next solo album’.”

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