[ARTICLE] [2015.07.19] Solo Goo Hara, Choco Chip Cookie, Sexuality, and then Sincerity

  • ‘Choco Chip Cookie’ and Sexuality

  • Personally, my first encounter with ‘Solo Singer’ Goo Hara’s ‘Choco Chip Cookie’ wasn’t the song but the MV. 

    Is it because I was focused on the fresh and beautiful video with Koh Samui as background, but the song passed by just like that. However a couple of hours later, I saw a recommended article of a senior reporter on SNS and I gained interest again.

    This senior who normally has high standards for esthetic, focused on the hidden beauty inside the lyric instead of the beautiful Koh Samui background nor Goo Hara’s visual. He give his score as ‘Stimulating my nerves’.

    At that time finally I started to see the metaphor and analogy that prompts secret and subtle sexual fantasy and romance within ‘Choco Chip Cookie’.

    To avoid misunderstanding, the sexuality within ‘Choco Chip Cookie’ wasn’t something that was suggestive or explicit. Instead, it was pretty and lovely that it will be suited to be expressed with the word “beautiful”.

    Using analogies and metaphors that subtle and secretive while giving a sexy hint yet not racy, it depicts a beautiful romance novel atmosphere.

    What makes it more surprising is how the one who sing this song is Goo Hara. Goo Hara is known with her cute visual and bright and cheerful image as KARA member. It feels like this kind of Goo Hara isn’t a match with ‘Choco Chip Cookie’, however looking at her shy girl and captivating lady images going back and forth on the stage (as well as in the MV), it made my opinion changed to “If it’s not Goo Hara, who else can express this?”

    I wanted to hear what is Goo Hara’s thought about ‘Choco Chip Cookie’s sexual fantasy and romance so I went to KBS2 Music Bank however it’s not easy to give her this question.

    It’s because to ask an innocent and cute idol group member a question related to sex, even when I think about it myself too, it’s easy to be mistaken as a pervert.

    I was worried about that for awhile and finally my first question was ‘Isn’t the song too sexy?’. Actually the word ‘sexy’ isn’t completely right to express the content of ‘Choco Chip Cookie’ but since it’s hard to find the right word so that wasn’t a proper question. However it feels like Goo Hara knew it right away what I wanted to say and she answered jokingly while laughing with “Really? But it’s not. It’s not a sexy song”.

    Goo Hara keeps her playful smile to this flustered reporter and repeatedly denied it “It’s not like that. It’s expressing a lovely couple who make choco chip cookie together”.
    If it’s continue like this, I think the story won’t continue so I asked again “Even then, there are some people who think like that”. 

    Finally Goo Hara opened a little bit “It’s slightly like that”.
    Goo Hara explained it further “At first, I didn’t have that thoughts and I liked the flow of the melody. However, when the title song changed from ‘Hara Goo’ to ‘Choco Chip Cookie’, I listened to it often and it does sounds like that”.

    Goo Hara also continues while laughing “Instead at first I thought the song was childish. However after listening to it a lot suddenly it became sexy and I thought ‘What’s this?’. I even thought ‘Did I got possessed by a Dirty Devil?”

    Actually since ‘Choco Chip Cookie’ lyric wasn’t written by Goo Hara herself, it’s not easy to know the real meaning of the song even for herself. Even then I can confirm how much Goo Hara likes this song.

    Goo Hara expressed her affection the title song of her first solo album by saying “Originally the title song was ‘Hara Goo’, but there are parts that similar with KARA’s image and I wanted to change that image. I think there are some who like and some who dislike ‘Choco Chip Cookie’. There are some who said that they want me to release a fresh and bright song like ‘Secret Love’. There are also some who asked why I don’t pick ‘Hara Goo’ as the title song. Even then I strongly emphasize that I want ‘Choco Chip Cookie’ as the title song”. 

    Goo Hara also added while laughing “Also if you keep on listening to it, it will get stuck on your head. Honestly I’m aiming for that”.

    ●and then, Sincerity

    Another thing that made me surprised while talking with Goo Hara is despite her pretty and cute looks, she has a strong minded girl.

    Of course no matter who, if they keep on getting attention for 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, they must be strong willed, however Goo Hara’s faith and determination is stronger and more solid than what we expect.

    A more amazing thing is even though she already deserves to be called as a top idol yet she doesn’t overestimate herself and acknowledge opinion and critics from people around her, she also never stop giving her best effort to be able to show her best side.

    The fact that Goo Hara doesn’t has an exceptional capability in terms of vocal as a solo singer is well-known to the public, and Goo Hara herself isn’t an exception. Because of this thing, when Goo Hara announced that she will release a solo album, of course lots of netizens giving their sarcastic remarks.

    Even though it’s not something that can be hidden but it’s not something that is easy or comfortable to be talked about yet Goo Hara acknowledged it clearly.

    Goo Hara said “It’s not that I’m not aware of that. There was pressure to do it alone and my heart was heavy too, but even then I’ve been always wanting to be a solo singer. I don’t want to do acting or other things just because I can’t sing.” She made it clear that no matter what people say, she is a singer.

    (As a side note, Goo Hara received lots of offer to do drama, there are even some dramas which have character that were written with Goo Hara in mind, however Goo Hara rejected it. Goo Hara only appeared on the 2011 drama ‘City Hunter’ and the specially produced 2014 drama ‘Secret Love’.)

    She added “I know well what kind of image that I do best, what kind of image that shines the best on the stage even though it’s not a solo singer, however rather than saying ‘I can’t do it’, not trying it and just stay still, I think the right way is for me to show my growing and developing side. Instead, if I heard that kind of comments, that motivates me more”. She showed her strong determination and willpower.

    Goo Hara always monitor all the comments about herself and said “I still don’t know about the future but I’ll always show you my hard working side. Right now I’m going as a solo singer but I get cursed a lot. However, malicious comments are better than no comments, i can just use that pains as my foundation to improve myself so please watch and observe me”.

    Even though our talks developed into something that can hurt one’s pride, Goo Hara doesn’t look upset or depressed. Instead, she talks with a relaxed expression and full of smile. This conveys her sincerity even more.

    For the end, Hara said “While preparing, I didn’t expect to receive comments such as ‘It’s a big success’, ‘Goo Hara is a great solo singer’, but instead I want to give them curiosity and expectation like ‘Oh, she has this side of her too? I’m looking forward to her next album’. I also felt like this album is for me to prepare for the next album”. She raised expectation for the (improved) solo singer Goo Hara in the future with these words.

    Source: http://media.daum.net/m/entertain/newsview/20150719090224618
    Translation: Yuda

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