[FanAccount] [150719] Hara "Choco Chip Cookie" Mini Fanmeeting

Source: @9hara_mom | Trans: Yuda

1) Q. Who’s idea is to wink on the stage?
    A. I did it, because I’m a pro.

2) Q. Will you perform CCC on Karasia?
    A. It’s a Korean song so I can’t perform it.

3) Q. What’s the pros and cons of doing solo promotion?
    A. Pros : Waiting time to do makeup is much shorter.
    Cons : It’s lonely during the ending of music show. I stick with onnies from other groups.

4) Q. The reason to choose CCC as the title song?
    A. Everyone are coming back with a fun dance song, so I’m trying to do something different. I hope it will be something that you can enjoy the more you listen to it.

5) Hara asked who came from Japan? Lots of fans raised their hands. Hara asked when will they go   back and said “All of you are rich”.. “You can go to Korea-Japan, you must have lots of money”

6) Hara asked for fans to give recommendation of pop songs or Japanese song for her solo stage during Karasia by sending mention to her on Twitter.

7) Q. Are there any dance practice video? 
    A: Hara said that she filmed one while using name tag then she asked a DSP staff to upload it.

8) Q. Are there any other songs that doesn’t included in the album?
    A. There are a lot. 
    Q. Please upload it.
    A. How can I upload it? Should I release singles?

9) Hara said that she gained strength from the fans’ cheers even though she is doing pre-recording every day on early morning.

10) Hara said that at first many people saying bad things about her song then the fans shouted back  “No! It’s really nice”.

11) She sit comfortably in front and said that since the atmosphere is really comfortable should we  play for 30 minutes?

12) The staff said to stop receiving questions, Hara said “already 30 minutes passed?” and she looks really regret it.

13) Q. Do you have any plan for concert in Korea?
 A. We will consider to do it toward the end of the year even if it’s just a small one.

14) Q. You won’t do a fansign?
      A. That’s right, why are we not doing it? (while looking at the DSP Staff)

15) Hara said next week will be her last week of promotion.

16) Hara said that her expression on the last pre-recording for 'How Is It' was really awesome so it’s a pity that the one broadcasted was the first pre-recorded one. (Usually they do couple of take for pre-recording)

Source: @eem1011 | Trans: Yuda

1) Hara: Originally the title song was “Hara Gu” but it was changed in the middle of preparation. Why you asked? I like all of the songs in my album but I wanted to stand out in the middle of the girl group competition. Since everyone coming back with dance song (so I changed the title song). I started while thinking that I will get cursed at.

2) Hara asked what the fans think about CCC and they all said it’s great, etc....
Hara : Ah.. you’re lying!!!!
Then she said that it must be between likes and dislike. She said that people who dislike her must dislike the song too.
3) The fans were singing congratulation song for her solo while she hold the cake and was going for  
photo time, then Hara said it’s heavy then she sits comfortably.
4) Pros and Cons of doing solo (Just addition from the points above) The cons is it’s lonely but SNSD and SISTAR onnies take care of me.
5) When Hara made her appearance, she saw that Seventeen’s fans are waiting at the back Hara: (Looking at Seventeen fans) Who is next?? Seventeen Fans: Seventeen~~~ Hara: Ah, Seventeen~! Seventeen is great~! Seventeen fans, we’ll do our fan meeting first for a little bit, please excuse us...

6) Fans: You won’t do fansign? Hara: Fansign? Exactly. Damn, Dsp!!!! The fans burst out laughing Hara: Everyone say it like that, right?
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